FRIDOCKS is situated on an area of 100.000 sqm and is connected to main lines of road and rail transport in the north of Italy, with preferential channels to the links leading to the ports of Tirreno such as Vado, Savona, Genoa, La Spezia, Livorno, and in this way it is ideally situated as a depot port for goods arriving from all over the world.
Fridocks provides 25.000 pallet sites in 120.000 cm of cold storage space at a temperature from +15°C to -30°C which is constantly monitored by a computer system since 1973.

We carry out storage of prepackaged goods such as:
• frozen or deep frozen meat and fish;
• fresh and chilled meat;
• fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen or deep frozen fruit and vegetables;
• confectionary products;
• raw materials for food and pharmaceutical industries;
• foodstuffs in general.


• Cold Warehouse 120.000 cm controlled temperature +15°C/-30°C;
• Customs Warehouse;
• Customs Office of Rivalta Scrivia - Retroporto of Genoa;
• Veterinary Office ASL AL;
• P.I.F. Veterinary Office:
Pozzolo Spedizioni S.r.l.


FRIDOCKS offers a range of specialised logistic services, complementary to storage, such as:

  •  computerised organisation of the goods in the warehouse;
  • the organisation of an global door  to door delivery services;
  • transport by refrigerated trucks for delivery of goods;
  • intermodal centre for containers, equipped with fork lift and spreader up to 40 tons.;
  • private railway connection from the station in Pozzolo Formicary, on the railway line Genoa-Novi Ligure-Milan.

Inside Fridocks there are in operation:

  • The Customs Office of Rivalta Scrivia - Retroporto of Genoa – Operative Territorial Section of Pozzolo Formigaro – Code: IT263101;
  • Border Veterinary Office P.I.F. Turin;
  • Veterinary Office of the ASL AL of Novi Ligure.



The Company with its structures, its staff and its external collaborators wishes to:

  • Constantly seek out new solutions to keep up with market changes and Client growth;
  • Offer a high level of  quality service with staff, structures and equipment which are capable of guaranteeing the safety and reliability standards adequate to our task;
  • Monitor all the phases of the process in order to provide a speedy response to the requests of our clients.


Fridocks runs its systems in accordance with:

  • Warehouse U.E. Type “A”
  • General Warehouses – D.M. April 5, 1977
  • Customs Depot VAT – Code number 5835Q
  • Customs Warehouse n ALA 00084 B for products subject to tax
  • Warehouse Depot IM7
  • Warehouse Depot A3
  • Customs Warehouse Supplies (Reg. CE 800/99, art. 98 CDC and Reg. CE 2454/93)
  • Customs Depot for receiving and sorting of goods (art. 127T.U.LD.)
  • Warehouse and Secure Space for temporary customs holding (art. 97 T.U.L.D.)
  • Refrigerated Depot – Bollo CE n 590F
  • Sanitary Authorisation ASL AL for the conservation of food products of animal and fish origin
  • Sanitary Authorisation IT 04 AL (art. 12); IT 04 AL/P (art.13) for Not Approved products to human consumption according to UE Regulations
  • Certified Warehouse in compliance with the Organic production methods(Regulation EC No. 834/07 and 889/08 - Code 28791
  • A.E.O. Certification No. IT AEOF 16 1065
  • Auto Control System HACCP


FRIDOCKS was certified by the Istituto di Certificazione della Qualità CERTIQUALITY in accordance with art UNI EN ISO 9002 on the date of July 18 1996 with the number 659/1 (IQNET registration number IT-7025) and in accordance with the art UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 on the date of December 12, 2003 with the number 6271. On the date of April 24 2014 the Certification was extended to all Group Warehouse (IQNET registration nr. IT-32716). Current Certification is valid until 14/09/2018.

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