Pozzolo Spedizioni carries out a consultancy service based on the current laws, regarding fiscal and customs matters completed or to be completed, and also regarding any other need the client may have that is not in relation to customs operations.

• We carry out every type of operation, exportation and guarantee of foreign goods, both on the move and in the warehouse;

• We are provided with customs depots VAT in line with Art.50bis D.L.331/93 and successive modifications;

• We provide the most up to date consultancy regarding fiscal and customs matters;

• We organise on behalf of our CLIENTS any type of transport both on national territory and both to and from other EU or non EU countries, using the means of transport of third party carriers with whom we have an agreement;

• We avail of the most qualified correspondents, shippers and transporters in sea, land and air sectors.
  To constantly improve and update the quality of our services. To represent the owners of the goods and the national and international delivery firms who do not have an office in Pozzolo and who need services for their clients.

La POZZOLO SPEDIZIONI srl was created on July 1, 1989 in Pozzolo Formigaro on the occasion of the setting up of  the Customs Section “MMGG Fridocks” and it carries out a national and international customs delivery service.